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Skin Care

Skin care is one of our priorities. We make specialized products for each type of skin with a rigorous selection of natural components so that you maintain the hydration, PH and brightness of your skin at all times regardless of external conditions.

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Body Butter - I have server dry skin to the point it cracks. The butters not only helps my skin from cracking without the greasy feel. And it works wonder on my Eczema. My painful skin was something of the past and it is something i use daily now to help with my flair ups. I no longer have cracked heal
Black African shampoo doesn't make soap suds. Don't let that lack of suds fool you. After one rinse my hair is soft . Combined with the rise out conditioner it leaves it very manageable. Yoni wash is so easy to use. Notice my pH balance in my feminine area is great. I don't sweat as much as well.