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Herbal Hair Mask

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An herbal hair mask that is naturally handmade with butters and oils that will provide certain benefits listed below using herbs, oils and Butter as well as other ingredients that will reinforce the other products used like Rosemary, Basil, Orange, Majorana. This formula was created fir curly and dry hair. It wil help you too with growth, luster, shine and a stronger hair shaft, frizz and moisture.


A healthier looking hair that has a nice shine Stronger hair with an added spring to your curls or a bounce in its shape Less frizz or more curl definition Reduction in breakage, split ends and general damage

How to use it:

Apply after the shampoo stage to damp rather than soaking wet hair. Using wet hands, rub the conditioner bar between your palms until the conditioner starts to melt and you’ve collected a good amount. Apply to your hair in sections, working from the ends all the way up to the roots

For a thicker, creamier consistency use minimal water raking the conditioner through your hair.

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