Ritual Soap Collection

Ritual Soap Collection


Enchanted Oil

A natural Body oil that will attract love, passion, enhance psychic development, cleanse, protect, healing, calmness, relaxation, repel jinx, clear negative energies, purifies and other properties. It will bring magnetism, charismatic, very attractive energy . it will enhance and magnify your pheromones. It will complement the enchanted collection. Looking to meet someone as you may be shy, this is the perfect body spray to wear. It will not clash with your own perfume or cologne. You may even love it to use it by itself. It has many properties.
you will feel more Charismatic.

An aphrodisiac oil that will activate and intensify your own pheromones. It has been formulated with herbs, oils and ingredients that are natural and organic, making great for your skin. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and we can feed it that way to get desired results quickly. These are the pheromones that will be enhanced, Androstenone, AndrosteNol, Oxytocin and Copulins. The wearer will attract everyone and everything. Even the animals will be tamed. We have formulated a blend of over 50 herbs and magic to achieve this goals. Organic and natural ingredients.

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