Ritual Soap Collection

Ritual Soap Collection



Your true spiritual essence awaits. Each of our bath bombs, scrubs, and healing soaps brings you a tranquil experience at the end of your day.

Our candles are infused with the spirituality of the Caribbean to give your spaces a distinctive touch for each occasion. All Ritual Soap Collection candles are made with natural oils and free of elements that are harmful to health.

Skin care is one of our priorities. We make specialized products for each type of skin with a rigorous selection of natural components so that you maintain the hydration, PH and brightness of your skin at all times regardless of external conditions.

The Ritual Soap Collection accessories take spirituality and harmony a little further. The work with stones and metals combined with an excellent design will help you maintain that desired mind-body balance.

The oils and essences made by our brand have our mark of quality. Natural components and part of the magical tradition of the Caribbean, guarantee the midpoint between pleasantly treated environments and the spiritual calm that only natural essences can provide.

The magic kits are prepared for different occasions and carry with them the vigor and grace of our tradition. You can select from our long list and plan the different stages of growth that you want in your life. Remember if someone can do something for you it will be you.

Month after month we can bring you a kit of products packaged according  to your needs and those of your family. These types of kits lead to huge savings and free you from harmful chemicals that industrial products unnecessarily add to your life.

Discover the power and Magic of the Natural world

Natural ingredients

Natural ingredients blessed by fortune and the magic of ancient traditions.


Our packages mean considerable savings since they combine the products you need by distributing the price between the different components of the package. Month by month we create new Packages depending on the rotation and demand for our products.


The skin is the largest and most exposed organ of your body, do not lose sight of the chemicals to which you expose it.


Month after month we issue consumption “vouchers” so that you can test the new product lines and get the best discounts on all our products lines. Find out how you can claim a voucher today.

Customer Reviews

Hear from our happy customers

The product was amazing and left my skin soft i also relaxed and able to sleep better .
Black African shampoo doesn't make soap suds. Don't let that lack of suds fool you. After one rinse my hair is soft . Combined with the rise out conditioner it leaves it very manageable.
Thank you for the lotion I'm seeing changes here.. even the man that I got married to I'm noticing he's very jealous lol